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On these pages you will find a fusion of:


Energetic Body Work

Therapeutic Technology

Integrative Psychotherapy


All are utilized to support wellness and vibrant functioning. 

Holistic Health &Wellness:

A Mission Statement

The underlying theme in my work is that each of us is creating our life experience on both an individual and collective level. Illness and well being are both expressions of tremendously powerful energies operating on an inner level that is purposeful but often outside our language-based conscious awareness. The dilemma with chronic illness, or any kind, is therefore that our conscious efforts to "get well" often end up colliding with the deeper structures we have unknowingly constructed to maintain a semblance of stability in our lives.  


In my journey to becoming a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, I have encountered some interesting learning opportunities. Stepping out of the field of Psychology and into Wellness has guided me to an understanding of what self-empowerment is really about. If you would like to hear more about my experiences, please don't hesitate to


Throughout this site you will find holistic approaches that work that engage your own healing potential and help restore a state of natural balance and wellness. I hope you will explore the possibilities and look forward to your interactions and questions on the contact page.


-Julian Metter Ph.D. - Integrative Health Practitioner


Identifying & Releasing energetic impasses

within the

Physical / Emotional field


Increasing Oxygen Utilization

Speed Healing

Raise the body's Vital Flow of Energy


Navigating the



Discovering unique

therapeutic solutions


The Autonomic Nervous System - Gateway to WELLNESS

The systems and approaches shown on this website all address the deeper "operating system" which has become stored as frequencies of energy within our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The goal of a holistic work is to meet these "energy creations" with depth and compassion. In the process we get to modify our inner template and reorient towards a healthy, vibrant and satisfying life experience.  

The Bottom Line

My message as you visit this site can be distilled very simply. The shift from physical and energetic restriction into health and wellness only occurs when you listen to and honor your own personal truth. That truth is not contingent on external validation.  Honestly meeting the emotional energy that is held within may indeed provoke "controversy" in among those close to you and this can be difficult on many levels.   However the real power in your personal truth can only be gauged in the resonance it holds for you. Meeting that core of personal meaning is an important step to recovering your health and wellness.     


The journey to health can be supported with compassion, innovative resources and skillful expertise. In the final analysis however, your energy, creative potential and capacity to heal arises from within you. That is the foundation upon which all integration and healing depend.


I look forward to being of service and support to each of you in the journey forward to health and wellness.

© 2017 Julian Metter, Ph.D.