Moving Out Of The Box

My professional experience began in the world of process oriented psychotherapy. This included decades of individual psychotherapy sessions with clients presenting with PTSD and dissociative disorders. 


Early on in this process I realized that I would sometimes enter an altered state while working with clients. At these times I felt I was at the end of a tunnel of of sort through which the client's words and emotions had a kinesthetic overlay. Later the clients would report that they experienced a similar shift. All this happened without any formal hypnotic induction.  


Over time I discovered that if I "relaxed" into the feeling state,   and allowed my mind to become quiet and receptive,   a new level of understanding would occur in my mind. Often this felt like watching a schematic diagram assemble itself. When woven into the dialogue with clients this material seemed to evoke brief moment of trance in which important shifts would take place. 

Background and Philosophy:

The Key Players In A Holistic Approach

At first glance the techniques and equipment displayed on this site seem to be drawn from different universes. From systems that exercise auditory processing and cortical blood flow to energy devices that locate and transform "injury fields" into "healing fields" it may be hard for newcomers to see the connection between this kind of technology and hypnotic work or body oriented psychotherapy. However once we understand that everything in our lives is an energy signature that can be heard and responded to on different levels.  the synthesis between digital and organic becomes both complementary and natural.

The following is brief summary of my own journey towards a holistic understanding of health and wellness with some of the key transition points I met along the way. 

Examples From Hypnotic Work

Over time I received more formal hypnotic training in the hypo-therapeutic techniques of Milton  Erickson M.D. Several important learning experiences soon followed.


Al, an agoraphobic  had been house bound for most his life. I met him in a community clinic where he had been forced into psychotherapy in order to continue receiving anti anxiety medication.   


Al was clearly very nervous and sat twisting compulsively in his chair. I noticed the way he twisted his wedding ring and reflected how the smooth inner surface of the ring glided comfortably across his skin. Within minutes, Al was calm and surprised to discover a new resource state within himself. 


Al turned out to be somnambulist hypnotic subject and our desensitization sessions took an unusual format. I would arrive at his row house in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, and get a short conscious summary from Al about developments since our last session. Then I would use a conversation induction technique and another voice would begin to speak. This inner personality which named itself "Big Al" would then carefully review everything his conscious mind had relayed and highlight the nuances of voice tone and inflection so that I would grasp the real meaning behind it behind the words.   


"Big Al" was not subject to panic attacks and had a panoramic understanding of his current life. Together we developed a plan for helping his conscious mind overcome the limits of fear that dominated his life.  When he was conscious, Al did not remember any of these conversations and assumed he had "fallen asleep" while we were talking.    


Using this approach we went for long walks outside the home, rode buses and ate in a restaurant. These were all miracles for Al who had lived in fear of devastating panic attacks for most of his life. Whenever he felt he was approaching a panic attack I would redirect his attention towards curiosity about what his "unconscious mind" might be feeling. In this way Al began to reprogram his emotional responses and connect with a deeper level of inner resourcefulness. 


Frank was a Viet Nam veteran with numerous PTSD related issues. In the course of our work he discovered a history of war trauma and dissociation related to his alcoholism and depression.  


Once Frank learned to relax and move within he began to see a conference room in which the various components of his life were represented as people. The representatives of love, humor, competence and sobriety sat on one side of a table across from hooded figures that pulsated with hatred and fear from his repressed war trauma. Processing memories that surfaced in these interactions led to a series of breakthroughs and transformations.   


At one point Frank described curious phenomena. Without suggestion on my part he saw a road over a mountainous terrain that he had traveled many times. In its actual form this road was only two lanes and twisted around many sharp turns. As he watched within the trance state Frank saw a larger four lane highway being superimposed over the original scene. Movement along this new road was much faster and easier. 


This image corresponded to a change in how inner experiences were then processed. Instead of seeing and working with individual traumas and their corresponding personalities in his conference room, Frank found himself in a new environment. This inner space consists of geometric shapes that somehow resonated with a full range of emotions and understandings that encompassed larger units of personal meaning in his life. Within this new environment feelings and past experiences were metabolized and restructured much faster. When I asked about particular events or memories that might be related to this new "mode" of experience Frank received the message that all those specifics dealt with "Level One" that was linear and time based. Level Two moved faster and was neither linear nor time bound.      


Frank's experience was similar to descriptions of the "quantum energy field" and its ability to accelerate the healing process. The following account from the late John Upledger, developer of Cranio Sacral Therapy, described this experience in relation to working with dolphins.


"When a dolphin comes around, you simply know something you didn't know before. A little girl who was ten years old used an arm that she had never used before after two sessions with us and the dolphins. A pelvic contracture relaxed and a short leg lengthened by about one and a half inches after the dolphin and our treatment group worked together.  Indeed all the patients improved and all the therapists got smarter." (John Upledger, Cell Talk, page 380)  


Combining Upledger's work with more energy oriented approaches has been a central part of my own work for a number of years. Short video excerpts of three demonstration sessions provide a real time sense of how this approach can reach and release long standing impasses on a physical and emotional level.  

Enter Technology

In 1994 a friend gave me the book Hearing Equals Behavior by Guy Berard M.D. This book describes a sound desensitization technique called Auditory Integration Training and reported on its use with Autism, Learning Disabilities and Severe Depression. I sent a chronically suicidal client to be tested for this procedure and discovered that she demonstrated exactly the pattern of hypersensitivity to selected frequencies of sound that Berard reported. When AIT was performed she reported deep releases which she described as "floating in a sea of peacefulness".  


The idea that emotional pain might have a psycho-physiological foundation was a powerful discovery and I was determined to learn all I could about these emerging therapies. Concurrent with this exploration was the explosion of autism spectrum disorders and chronic fatigue type illness in our society as a whole.  


The next ten years were spent learning about every holistically oriented approach that showed promise including light/color, sound, subtle energy, neuro-skeletal therapies, neurotherapy, micro-current technology, cortical blood flow training,  oxidative therapies, and detoxification. Each technique had its success stories, uses, and limitations. Effectiveness was typically linked to the "goodness of fit” between a therapeutic technique and characteristics of an individual client.   

Cancer As A Teacher

Yet sometimes the most sophisticated technology will provide reminders that the physical level of our life experience is only one part of the overall picture. The following two accounts demonstrate how cancer can serve as a teacher and the enormous power contained within our own decision to face or avoid life lessons. 


Laura was in her 50's and struggling with Stage IV vaginal rectal cancer. Laura had always been a "fighter" both professionally and in her six year bout with cancer. Soon after receiving her diagnosis Laura spent enormous energy and resources searching out every alternative cancer approach available. Despite all efforts to reverse the cancer her condition had deteriorated with severe pain and cachexia.  


While Laura got temporary relief from the Ondamed and hands on energy work the progression of her disease did not stop. It was clear we needed to move to a deeper level to understand the subjective message at the core of her cancer. Accordingly we used a simple unit called the Radial Device that had been described in an Edgar Cayce reading. This unit was used to deepen the integration of energies on a physical, mental and spiritual level.   

The Radial device was attached to Laura's wrist and ankle. I gave her a very brief suggestion that she could travel through her body in any way necessary and learn about the source of her health issues. I then left the room.  


When I returned 30 minutes later Laura related a remarkable story. Soon after I left, she found herself traveling through her body and face to face with a human representation of her tumor. The tumor advised that he had a name (Gerald), was not trying to kill her and was instead attempting to teach her some basic lessons that she had failed to master in life. Gerald stated that he was trying to teach her how to lower her defenses and experience love for herself and others. Gerald lamented that her stubbornness made it necessary to use such extreme measures and indicated he would be available to serve as a teacher to guide the process if Laura was willing to listen. 


I was delighted with this development and eager to continue our work in this new and promising direction. To my surprise Laura, the uncompromising veteran of a thousand life battles, declined stating the message was likely a product of her imagination. Subsequent body and energy work sessions found her describing a "volcano" of emotional "shit" that she was afraid would explode and overwhelm her. The prospect of facing this was worse than the physical consequences of the cancer itself and she died several months later. 

The Radial Device :

An Energetic Battery that harmonizes energy between physical, mental and spiritual levels. Developed in connection with readings from Edgar Cayce.

A Very Different Story

Can an inner decision to face life-long patterns of emotional pain really affect the outcome of a serious cancer?


A particularly striking example of this phenomenon is presented in the following link :

Anita Moorjani had stage four cancer that had precipitated a shutdown of many body organs. She lapsed into a coma during which she had a vivid near death experience.     


In this state Moorjani was shown how she had lived her entire life in a state of fear. She understood that this fear had manifested as her cancer and that she could choose to release the fear and return to life. Moorjani made the decision to return and live life fearlessly. Once released from this restrictive energy paradigm, her body made a spontaneous recovery that confounded every scientific explanation available in our traditional understanding of cancer as a physical disease. 

Growth and Controversy

The term "conspiracy theory" is often applied to those who investigate political events like the attacks of 9/11. Virtually every practitioner who embarks on the journey of exploring holistic approaches to health and wellness immediately discovers that similar controversies exist in this field.

Part of my own journey as a holistic practitioner took me deeply into these controversies and the various levels on which they operate. Vital lessons were learned along the way and many of these inform my current work.    

It is said that one can determine the degree to which anyone has challenged an existing status quo by counting the number of hatchets lodged in their back. I welcome any and all questions that arise with regard to challenges and controversies I have visited along the way.    

Summing It Up

As humans we are multifaceted, complex and filled with challenges. We hold both "the dilemma" that can manifest as symptoms on a physical/emotional level as well as "the solution" that will return us to health.    


Technological approaches can add data to the process of identifying impasses which is itself an important part of the healing process. Technology can reduce pain and redirect the healing resources with our brains to "pay attention" and begin corrective action. Systems like Virtual Scanning, can improve athletic performance, post stroke recovery and stimulate the brain to produce healthier protein synthesis. Technology can also raise the body's vital energy which is a crucial step in regaining health and wellness at all stages of life. Combined with hands on approaches that reach energy blockages through sensitive palpation the use of these systems can assist in the process of meeting and releasing old residues of disturbed traumatic energy.     


The most sensitive and effective technology however is found within ourselves. Technology can help us tune in and jump start the natural instinct towards healing that is a basic part of every human psyche, but ultimately lasting health is a process of self empowerment. Whenever we discover and reconnect with a portion of our life experience that has been ignored or misplaced our vitality and inner intelligence blossoms and our life takes on greater depth and purpose. The decision to face these challenges is one of the most personal moments in life and requires a foundation of readiness, trust and respect for whatever outcome is chosen by the individual on their journey.    


© 2017 Julian Metter, Ph.D.