Naturalistic Hypnosis, Psychotherapy,

& Creating New Personal Realities

Naturalistic hypnosis is the process by which therapeutic potentials within the unconscious mind can be explored and applied to promote healthy functioning. This process is called "naturalistic" because it uses an informal conversational format to open contact on a deeper level.


Rather than making "suggestions" as is done in traditional hypnotic work, the goal of a naturalistic hypnotic approach is to teach each client how to relax and tune in their own inner resources. In this way clients learn to tap into their own "inner intelligence" to maintain optimum health.  

This type of hypnotic approach is best thought of as a multileveled conversation that invites deeper levels of the psyche to make their feelings known. I often interweave this style of communication into my work with the Ondamed and hands on approaches where it facilitates the release of deeper material.


The use of naturalistic hypnotic techniques during a hands-on energy session often provides an opportunity for clients to become aware of and release internal images relating to traumatic life experiences. The ability to remain "grounded" on a physical level while accessing deep nonverbal material is extremely useful in helping clients move through even the most different life experiences to reach a sense of closure.  

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