Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a field that uses a beam of energy to stimulate healing in the body. Although this may sound like science fiction the principles behind laser therapy are very straight forward.  


A laser beam is created when an electrical current is passes through a material with a particular vibratory potential. Once this material is "excited" an energy emission occurs that can be collected and focused into a beam. Different materials vibrate at different rates and lasers are therefore specific with regards to the frequency they produce.   

A laser that is used for bio stimulation produces a beam of energy that stimulates the the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the energy source for most cellular activity. When our ATP production is low we lack the energy necessary to repair our bodies on a cellular level. When we increase ATP production and availability in the body our natural healing mechanisms can "switch on" and work to resolve an injury. Therefore laser therapy accelerates healing processes within the body, and reduces pain and inflammation.

Laser therapy has been used for a broad range of conditions. The gentle penetration of laser energy allows it to reach painful joints and affected areas within the body. Laser therapy also appears to stimulate the immune system and tissue regeneration. When it is properly applied, laser therapy can boost the body's energy level in many ways and be part of an overall approach to improving health and wellness.

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