The term Ondamed is Latin for "Medical Wave"


The Ondamed uses specific frequencies of electro-magnetic energy to bring the body back into balance and a state of optimal health.  

The Ondamed employs a unique form of biofeedback to identify "injury fields" that are affecting a client's health. 

During an Ondamed session the practitioner monitors the client's pulse rate while directing energy into different areas of the body. When an "injury field" is exposed to the correct healing frequencies a "spike" will occur in the pulse. 

Treatment with the Ondamed works to reprogram and dissolve "injury fields" which results in a smoother non reactive pulse response. Physical problems often resolve as the body comes back into balance. Ondamed treatment is extremely gentle, relaxing and has special programs for Osteoporosis, Lyme disease and Smoking Cessation.

As the level of disturbance within the body diminishes many people experience a generalized improvement in overall health. I have also discovered that the natural relaxation associated with Ondamed treatment interfaces extremely well with a naturalistic hypnotic approach and hands on energy work. This adds an interesting and useful dimension to sessions that allows therapeutic movement to proceed on several levels at the same time.


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