The P Roshi

The P Roshi is a neurostimulation device that has been shown to significantly increase cortical blood flow and neural efficiency. The P Roshi accomplishes this through a phase offset algorithm which creates a novel stimulation between the two side of the brain. 

In order to understand the P Roshi we need to introduce three key concepts :    

Frequency Following Response

A Frequency Following Response occurs when our brains attempt to synchronize with a signal being generated by some external means. This phenomena can easily be observed in people who are watching television where facial expressions, breathing and motor activity all go into an altered state. When our brains are exposed to a pattern there is an inherent biological tendency to follow it.

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory is a term that describes the surprising discovery that healthy biological systems show a high degree of spontaneity and "unpredictability" within a normative range. A Strange Attractor is a self repeating pattern within the overall energetic field that reduces this spontaneity and draws the organism back into a reoccurring pattern. 

An easy way to understand these terms can be seen in the observation that a healthy heart rhythm has been compared to an energetic dance, while a person heading into a heart attack shows a much more uniform pattern resembling a lockstep march.   Similarly a brain and nervous system that is unable to sustain attention and focus shows a tendency to get "stuck" in electrical patterns associated with dysfunction.   A healthy brain shows more natural self modulation of electrical activity without reoccurring patterns associated with injury



Disentrainment  describes the process by which flexibility is reintroduced to a system and a healthy "chaotic spontaneity" is restored.


The P Roshi uses either light or magnetic stimulation to engage each hemisphere of the brain in a frequency following response. Before the brain can become locked into this pattern however, the P Roshi starts to shift the pattern of stimulation presented to the right and left brain through a subtle and elegant alternation in the timing of each signal. Sometimes the signals occur at the same moment while at other times they are slightly "out of synch". This slight variation in time causes the brain to increase activity across the cerebral hemisphere's in an effort to resolve the apparent discrepancy. The result is an increase in blood flow and inter hemisphere communication. Thus by "teasing" the brain with a constantly shifting stimuli, a process of disentrainment is introduced and flexibility restored.


The following comment about the P Roshi was posted on a neurotherapy message board and describes the effect it had on exercising (disentraining) the brain out of dysfunctional patterns.


"I recently had a QEEG done to measure the effectiveness of the PROSHI (a neurofeedback device) on my brain. We performed 6 minutes of baseline (pre PROSHI/without the PROSHI), 6 minutes with the PROSHI and 6 minutes post PROSHI in succession. The results were pretty amazing. The baseline reading showed that I had multiple coherence/phase relationship problems and high amplitudes of delta throughout my brain, which equates to having moderate brain damage. During PROSHI use, almost everything normalized, and some things even improved beyond normal. Post PROSHI, most everything held." 

The stimulation provided by P Roshi can administered via LED light goggles or through nano pulsations of magnetic energy that can be placed over any area of the brain.

© 2017 Julian Metter, Ph.D.