Reiki & "Hands-On " Energetic Work"

Treatment with the Ondamed and Microcurrent devices identify and release injury fields and interrupted energy flows within the body. Another way to work through energy impasses that allows for a direct intuitive approach is the use of energetic body work sessions.      


This process works by sensitively locating the natural rhythm produced within the body by the production and reabsorption of cerebral spinal fluid in the brain. The movement of fluid within the brain, creates a "flexion and extension" within the cranial plates and connective tissue of the body. The result is a palpable movement which can be detected through the ankles. Restrictions in this movement provides guidance as to the location and quality of disturbed energy within the body. Experience has shown that the affected areas that appear using direct "intuitive scanning" correspond very closely to areas identified by the Ondamed and Microcurrent devices.

Assessment of the client's energetic system is done   through the feet where the rhythms within the body can be felt as subtle movement

Once an assessment is done, specific areas of impasse and energy can be addressed.

In approaching this work I have integrated training and experience from Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Reiki into my own applied technique. Over time I have discovered that when I correctly identify an energy cyst and bracket this with my hands a deep pulsing sensation begins to occur.   


Clients often remark they feel a sudden sensation of warmth and when the pulsation becomes strong enough most clients simply fall asleep. In these moments there are often visual images or impressions that relate whatever caused the energy cyst to form. One client reported a stream of dead relatives appeared when these areas were accessed.  Each of these showed her an unresolved experience from the past that was contributing to her current health crisis. 


The following video excerpts provide examples of these phenomena from a client who was giving feedback about a combined Energy work and Ondamed session. 

When these areas are energetically treated, there is often a sense of immediate relief or a noticeable movement of energy within the client's awareness.


The net effect of these shifts and inner releases is a sense of well being on both a physical and emotional level. 

Hands on work is especially useful for moving through impasses that can occur in verbally oriented psychotherapy. Once a client sets their intention to allow energy to reach important issues the wisdom of their own "Inner Physician" often expresses itself.

This form of energy work can also be done remotely where it has been effective in reducing pain and promoting restful sleep.

© 2017 Julian Metter, Ph.D.