Symmetron/Neurowave Motion System

The Symmetron Motion Recliner was designed by inventor Larry Schulz who served aboard a large ocean going vessel. Over time Larry discovered that when he stood at the very tip of the bow the gentle bob and weave that the ship described had a very calming effect.

Later Larry experimented with this same effect by mounting a recliner on a rotating platform which induces a steady, soothing figure eight motion.

The motion produced by the Symmetron has a deep "unwinding" quality that helps move the entire body into a stress free and receptive state. Embedded speakers with the recliner allow clients to hear music through earphones and vibration throughout their body. When used with Auditory Integration Training this movement can potentiate a deeper level of neurological engagement and reorganization that to awaken and integrate sensory processing. 

© 2017 Julian Metter, Ph.D.