Virtual Scanning (Strannik)


Virtual Scanning was developed as a result of ten years of intensive research Russia by Dr Igor Gennadyevich Grakov. It is widely used in Russia and the Ukraine for a broad range of health related problems.  


Virtual Scanning introduces a new paradigm in holistic evaluation and therapy by using a mathematical model to identify and quantify stresses which have been absorbed by the subconscious (unconscious) mind. In the normal course of our lives these stresses become encoded as "operating instructions" within our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and are comparable to"corrupted coder" which get written onto the hard drive of a computer. These "errors" in the body's biological code then result in the production of less effective proteins and biochemical building blocks. The accumulation of these "error messages"  becomes the basis for what we call "aging". 


Virtual Scanning is the first technology to reliably quantify how these stresses are internalized and develop a systematic method for correcting them.

The Perceptual Test

The Virtual Scanning Evaluation consists of a perceptional test that presents a series of color challenges. This evaluation looks not only at color perception but also at the subject's cognitive approach to a nonverbal learning task.  


Subjects watch a 15 second video that contains a nature scene with true to life color values.

Virtual Scanning Evaluations

This is a screen shot from an initial 15 second nature scene with realistic colors present.

After 15 seconds a color filter is imposed which changes the appearance of the scene. The subject must then use the color controls to recreate the original color balance. Different videos are then presented until a picture of the subject’s pattern within their ANS of reactivity is completely mapped.      

Virtual Scanning Evaluations

This is an example of a strong color filter which completely hides the original color values.

The subject seeks to restore the original colors using the control buttons located at the bottom of the screen. 

Test Results

Virtual Scanning evaluations produce a number of data displays which highlight key health related areas. The following are examples of some of the information which is generated during an evaluation.    

The Summary Page

The Virtual Scanning display then provides an extensive rank ordering of  an extensive list of stresses affecting different body organs. 

Each stressor is rank ordered for severity and color coded for easy identification.

Placing the mouse cursor over a color bar highlights the condition being identified. 


A detailed analysis of signals from individual organs is also provided.

Report of Psycho Somatic Signals Relating to Neoplastic Activity In The Body

The Virtual Scanning program is a health screening device. No claims are made to supplant medical advice or diagnose any specific condition. The program does however provide useful information about potential neoplastic activity in the body that can potentially lead to early detection of disease. 

The Accuracy of Virtual Scanning Evaluations

The data generated by Virtual Scanning evaluations correlate at the 80% level with the results of traditional diagnostic testing and has identified issues that were initially missed through regular medical exams. Research performed in Russia found Virtual Scanning was 2-23% more accurate than the traditional diagnostic technologies which are employed in clinical medicine.   


Due to its sensitivity Virtual Scanning is able to determine the onset and progression of medical conditions at a level of detail and sophistication which is unprecedented in modern medicine.

Using the data from the perceptual evaluation the Virtual Scanning program creates a course of light therapy which is specific to each person's symptoms. These programs use precise frequencies of color, and pulsation rates to engage the brain in a "biological conversation" to correct the "error codes" which have been absorbed into the ANS. This acts to restore effective self regulation and can produce a remarkable improvement in many health related areas.      


Virtual Scanning is widely used in Russia and Ukraine for a number of different physical and psychologically oriented conditions. The program can provide valuable screening that detects serious illness at an early stage. Initial research conducted in Russia indicate that Virtual Scanning is 83-96% effective treating a wide range of common pathologies.

This compares with the 50% effectiveness of most drugs.

(Spear BB, Heath-Chiozzi M, Huff J, Trends Mol Med. 2001 May;7(5):201-4. 2001).

Virtual Scanning Light Therapy

Addressing Multiple Levels Of Stress

Virtual Scanning Light Therapy addresses multiple levels of stress residing in the body. Programs focus on acute and systematic issues as well as problems in specific organs. Because Virtual Scanning increases the stability and resiliency of the nervous system there is often an improvement in mood and cognitive functioning as well.       

Virtual Scanning Treatment Summary

Multiple levels of light therapy are created based on the severity of the stress signal detected and the  personal circumstances of each client

Virtual Scanning is also used to enhance athletic performance, control blood pressure, and has special programs to slow the aging process and assist in weight normalization. It has been extremely effective at controlling migraine headaches, drug addiction and other issues where the stability of the nervous system plays a central role.  


Each program of light therapy is designed specifically for clients based on their personal evaluation. Using someone else's light therapy program can actually be harmful as the biologically active instructions within the frequencies would be "out of synch" with person other then the subject who was evaluated. 

Virtual Scanning Practical Details

The actual Virtual Scanning evaluation takes about 30 minutes, with an additional 30 minutes typically spent reviewing the results. Using remote control programs it is now possible to do Virtual Scanning evaluations with clients anywhere in the world. The process is exactly the same as with "in person" evaluations and the results are reliable across repeated assessments. Full treatment programs can also be installed using the same remote control systems so that clients living at a distance can begin receiving treatment immediately. 


The light therapy programs which are generated are precisely calibrated to each individual and installed in a treatment format on the client's home computer. Clients typically do one or two treatment sessions a day. Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes in duration. 


Depending on the client's interests one Virtual Scanning evaluation can provide sufficient treatment for up to 1 year of daily therapy sessions.    


Virtual Scanning requires a Windows operating system to work. Clients with Mac computers can readily adapt their system to run Virtual Scanning and specific instructions are available for those who would like to use Virtual Scanning on their Macintosh computer.    

Virtual Scanning case studies in the following areas are available upon request:  


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